User's Guide - Version UF-2.0.2

Date & Time

The caching policy and the self-management mechanism of the appliance depend on its internal clock. Some internal processes require lots of resources and are executed during off-peak hours as to not penalize end users. Thus setting the right date and time are essential for the correct functioning of the appliance. To run optimally a "Time Zone" must be specified. You should set up the right "Time Zone" for your location. To set up the "Time Zone" use the following command :

The command "timezonelist" displays allowed "Time Zones". The format of a "Time Zone" is "<Continent/City>". For instance for London the "Time Zone" value is "Europe/London" and the command used must be: "timezone Europe/London".

The internal clock may be configured manually with the "clock" command or automatically by using remote NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers.

Manual Setting

To set manually the date & time use the following command:

Here is an explanation of the used syntax:

A valid date & time specification could be: "2004/04/10:14:34:30".

Using NTP (Network Time Protocol)

For better precision in time and date configuration, the internal clock may be synchronised with a remote NTP servers clock. To add the NTP server identified by the address use the following commands :

To work properly, the remote NTP server should be reachable in the network. If needed, adequate network routes should be added to reach your NTP servers (to create an IP route use the command "ip route"). For a better precision and time synchronisation availability, we suggest adding three NTP servers at least.