CacheGuard Appliance
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URL Blacklists

Our URL blacklists contain thousands of Web site names and URLs and are classified by categories. Available categories are as follows:

AdvertisingAll about advertising. This includes sites offering banners and banner creation as well as sites delivering banners to be shown in webpages. Advertising companies are listed too.
AggressiveSites of obvious aggressive content. This covers hate speech and all kinds of racism.
BankHome page of banking companies are listed here. This is not restricted to online banking.
ChatSite for realtime chatting and instant messaging. Everything that is not realtime is included in "forum".
DatingSites to contact people for love and life together. Men seeking women, women seeking men, and so on.
DDoSSites used to produce Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).
DrugsSites offering drugs or explain how to make drugs (legal and non legal). Covers tabacco as well as viagra and similar substances.
FileHostingSites host files such as pictures and videos.
FinancialSites that provide financial information.
GamblingSites offering the possibility to win money. Poker, casino, bingo and other chance games as well as betting sites. Differs from "hobbyGames" in the aspect of winning or losing money or being lured to do so.
HackingSites with information and discussions about security weaknesses and how to exploit them. Sites offering exploits are listed as well as sites distributing programs that help to find security leaks.
JobSearchPortals for job offers and job seekers as well as the career and work-for-us pages of companies.
MalwareSites containing malware and/or and phishing contents.
MSOffice365White list of Microsoft Office 365 related sites. To use if you need to allow MS Office 365 related services only.
PornSites about all kinds of sexual content ranging from naked photos to hardcore porn and S and M.
RedirectorSites that actively help to bypass url filters by accepting urls via webform and play a proxy and redirecting role.
SocialNetworkSites bringing people together (social networking) be it for friendship or for business.
VPNThis category covers sites providing vpn services to the public. The focus is on vpn sites used to hide the origin of the traffici like tor nodes. The category does not include company vpn accesses.
WarezCollection of sites offering programs to break licence keys, licence keys themselves, cracked software and other copyrighted material.
WebMailSites that offer web-based email services.

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