User's Guide - Version EH-1.5.5


Today hundreds of millions of people worldwide connect regularly to the Internet and Web applications hosted all over the world. The popularity of the World Wide Web has transformed a personal computer into a terminal machine connecting people.

For most of us Web applications are vital and the Internet has changed our lives forever. Never before did humanity have such a powerful tool to share knowledge, information and emotion. Unfortunately and despite its positive impact on society, connecting to the Internet also means exposing yourself to serious threats.

Why CacheGuard

You are probably asking yourself: Why choose CacheGuard when you can develop your own appliance based on Open Source technologies or buy a full proprietary hardware appliance? There are at least five reasons to choose CacheGuard Appliance:

  1. CacheGuard is Off-the-Shelf: Benefit from sophisticated well-known Open Source technologies without the hassle and complexity of integration. We propose a value-added integrated solution with a reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  2. CacheGuard is Virtualizable: Virtualization definitely reduces your hardware costs. Because we propose an OS (Operating System) solution it can run in a VM (Virtual Machine). Install our OS in less than 3 minutes on your favorite VM and gain flexibility.
  3. CacheGuard is Trustworthy (1) : Because our solution is based on Open Source (1) technologies, you take advantage of source code transparency and reduce the risk of trusting closed technologies. We have integrated software used by the huge Internet community from all over the world to provide the best, most efficient and trustworthy solution.
  4. CacheGuard is Functional: Our solution is wired to manage both Security and Optimization for Web traffic in a unique functional box. Implementing our solution in your network is transparent for users and applications. Consequently you reduce your network complexity, ease deployments and gain in productivity.
  5. CacheGuard is Adaptable: Our solution supports almost all x86/x64 based hardware solutions on the market. No need to depend on a unique hardware manufacturer to run our solution. Use the hardware of your choice today and switch to another one or to a virtual solution whenever you want.

CacheGuard Technical Features:


IP security

High Availability

Web security

Web optimization