User's Guide - Version UF-2.2.1

Administrator Users

Only authenticated users are allowed to administrate and configure a CacheGuard appliance. The main administrator user is named "admin". This user exists by default in the system and has the highest privilege.

Secondary administrator users with fewer privileges can be added to the system. Secondary administrators have the right to build configurations but cannot apply them (only the "admin" user has this privilege). Some secondary administrative operations such as cache loadurl can be executed by secondary administrators. The admin user command allows you to manage secondary administrator users.

To create a new administrator user called "john", login as the "admin" user first and then use the following commands:

By invoking the "admin user add john" command, the "admin" user is asked to choose a temporary password for "john". Once the apply operation is finished, the administrator user called "john" can login. The first time a secondary administrator login to a CacheGuard appliance, she/he is invited to modify her/his password by entering an allowed password (see the command password to learn more about allowed passwords).